Designing for Micro-Moments

Designing for Micro-Moments:

Why Customer Experience should Drive your Product Strategy?

Living in the moment is passé. We now live in ‘micro-moments’. Those acute moments when customers instinctively reach out to their ubiquitous digital devices to achieve a specific need—be it learning a recipe or comparing hotel prices or browsing for a new Wi-Fi plan. These micro-moments shape preferences and assist in decision-making.

This webinar throws light on how businesses can benefit from billions of micro-moments experienced by people across the world every single day and design better experiences around them.

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Key takeaways

Understanding the power of micro-moments

Learn how to identify the moments that matter the most to your customers and how to optimize them.

Creating novel design based on data

Apply Design Thinking as an approach based on insights driven from new-age data techniques.

Building product strategy through customer experience

Learn about creating a seamless product experience with a ‘hook’—a unique look with an interesting feature.

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Suresh Babu

Chief Revenue Officer

Priding himself on excellence in execution, Suresh drives Imaginea’s business growth through robust sales, marketing, and business strategies. In a career spanning 20 years, he has had senior leadership roles, driving business growth for Hitachi Consulting/ Sierra Atlantic, SoftSol, CSS Corp, and HP/ Compaq. Suresh is a proven leader with a successful track record, known for his ability to build high-performance teams and drive profitability and growth.

Subhasish Karmakar

Head of Design

Subhasish leads design practices at Imaginea and is responsible for optimizing the design business of the company. He is a seasoned UX leader with over 17 years of experience in building great teams and launching hardware and software products for top product companies like IBM, Logitech, and Philips. His end-to-end UX proficiency and design expertise have also helped organizations set up and successfully manage large-scale global UX practices.