Salesforce automation

Case study

Salesforce automation

End-to-end transformation in sales planning and team collaboration
Our client is one of the largest insurance brokerage and risk management services companies globally and they help their clients deal with risk, asset protection, and loss recovery.


Based on the insights from historical sales data, our client was looking for ways to predict the area/accounts that can be targeted and set trackable sales goals for around 1500 individual sales executives and their managers.


In their current system:

  • Data sync across applications for different hierarchies was difficult
  • Data loss due to connectivity issues or system failure was high
  • Manual intervention was required in some of the areas
  • Analytics for senior management was not available
  • The approval of sales goals was not automated
  • There was a communication gap between various hierarchies


Imaginea came up with an application called Sales Plan, which is based on Salesforce CRM, for different types of users, spanning across hierarchies.

We used Salesforce Chatter to facilitate better communication and collaboration between internal stakeholders, as well as with clients (inclusive of corporations, individuals, and insurance agencies). Salesforce Chatter is a highly customizable tool and provides a consistent user experience, faster search experience, real-time update push in live feeds, and much more.

Users of our solution include sales executives, branch managers, regional managers, and divisional managers. Sales representatives were able to establish their annual sales goals and make plans on how to achieve them with the application. Managers were able to periodically review, approve, and measure the performance of the sales representatives much easily with Sales Plan. Also, on the basis of historical data, the approval process was automated and recommendations for goal setting were provided.

Tech stack

How our solution helped

Up to 90% reduction in manual errors, 40% reduction in manual efforts, and 50% time saved in sales planning.


  • Automation of the sales planning process
  • Easily maintainable and highly scalable solution
  • Enhanced communication between different hierarchies and with external stakeholders
  • Better analytics for senior management to understand the organizational goals

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