Application Modernization


Transform your technology core, while keeping your engine running

Your traditional systems which rendered great business value at one point of time have turned into outdated legacy applications now. Patch-up strategy with the aim to achieve short-term business gains has created incompatibilities. This significantly restricts your ability to scale or extend the functionality of existing systems.

Legacy system modernization is the strategic step that most organizations are moving towards. Enterprises have different app modernization needs. It ranges from getting a quick facelift to their existing applications to changing their system architecture for easier maintenance and scaling.

We at Imaginea, help enterprises modernize applications with our portfolio of platforms. These platforms can quickly turn around non-performing systems by migrating them to modern, sustained solutions. Partner with us to bring in a systemic change in your application architecture and delivery to drive new efficiencies and sustain without losing steam – all this without any disruption to your current business operations.


Application Decommissioning

Application Decommissioning

Your applications get bloated over time and some of them may not be relevant anymore. But, you need to keep them running to access historical data for reporting and regulatory compliance purposes. We bring the expertise required to reform and integrate your legacy applications with modern systems, significantly bringing down your overall operational cost.

Technology Modernization

Technology Modernization

Legacy applications that once gave the business edge, are slowing, losing steam and are failing to cope up with the new dynamism businesses expect. We offer platform-led modernization services using composable architecture based on microservices, APIs, reusable components, and containerization.

Application Delivery

Application Delivery

We help businesses transition to ‘Agile DevOps’ with our ecosystem of DevOps automation tools and platforms, by making your process predictable, repeatable and automated. This significantly bringing down the cost of DevOps and achieve zero downtime during deployment.


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