Replatform Services


Flexible architecture, business agility are the need of the hour

Most product development starts small – focusing on one single idea. Over time, new features get added. As the product grows, so is its complexity. In no time you reach an inflection point with performance and scalability issues. You are forced to undergo expensive platform modernization to stay relevant. This is a typical story of most monolithic applications.

A good alternative is to refactor or restructure the existing code base to smaller microservices, without affecting the behavior of the application. By doing this, services can be updated and scaled independently whenever needed. If the market pace is dynamic, applications should also be so.

At Imaginea, we offer refactoring services to break down your monolithic applications into modular ones that are tuned for performance and scalability. Our latest software stack skills along with ecosystem of API and containerization automation tools ensure rapid re-architecture, reducing operational cost and risk.


Architecture and Code Review

Architecture and Code Review

With our skills in analysis of caching and clustering along with load characterization and deployment parameters we help our partners in coming up with right architecture and minimize transition risk. We do this by refactoring the underlying service logic without disrupting the existing consumer dependencies.

Microservices Architecture

Microservices Architecture

With our expertise in microservices based system architecture, we help in transitioning monolith applications to microservices, where each functional area can be implemented by its own microservices.

API Integration

API Integration

Imaginea’s API enablement service provides the right engineering support your business needs – not just design and development, but adoption too. We help in building apps that can keep your business agile, with the ability to independently update any service and scale.


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