Product Acceleration


Continuous improvement drives success in the agile world

As your product ecosystem grows, there will be a constant need for product scaling in terms of adding more features or trimming down certain functionalities to cope up with the business demands. Coping up with rapid growth can be volatile and relentless.

Finding a reliable technology partner is not easy. It demands an ability to quickly ramp up and ramp down, comprehend and crystallize vague requirements and follow a systematic continuous delivery and integration process. This demands agility in every aspect of the product development.

At Imaginea, we help you in driving complex product scaling quickly, be it in coming up with enhanced features or developing customer-centric designs that appeal to a large user base. We are known for bringing in product acceleration and growth.


Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management

With our specialized skills and ability to manage and build on something that is already in use, we offer to refresh and add new features to your existing applications. We are well staffed in critical technologies.

Product Extension

Product Extension

Imaginea offers to build well orchestrated small services from existing monolithic applications with APIs. With our best practices and integration expertise we quickly come up with good APIs that are marked by key design features implemented through a strong API architecture and design.

Technology Upgrade

Technology Upgrade

When it comes to choice of technology, Imaginea is not biased towards selecting latest or greatest technologies. With our experimental approach and “early mover” culture, we help our partners choose the right set of technology to provide sensible design and architecture.


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