Genetic data analytics platform reduces genome variance
computation time from 3 days to 1 day.

Industry Year Role Technology
Life Sciences 2017 – Ongoing Application Development, Setting up Data Lake, Implementing bio. informatics pipeline, Microservices, Analytics Java/J2EE, Apache Kafka, ReactJS, Microservices, Google Cloud

Integrate on-premise clinical lab information
system with DNA testing equipment

Our client, a genome analysis platform maker, wanted to integrate on-premise clinical lab information system with DNA testing equipment. The idea was to build data lakes consisting of patient data, lab tests data, and genomics research data. They wanted to improve turnaround time for genomic variance analysis and a unified dashboard for quality checking of molecular DNA tests done in labs across multiple locations.

Machine Learning technique
helps automate genetic analysis

We used Machine Learning techniques to automate genetic analysis. We also created a data pipeline that integrated several lab systems into the current solution using spring-integration and Kafka. The micro-services architecture was capable of supporting multiple applications in the future. The platform was also integrated with EHR system to store patient data. All this resulted in a highly scalable platform capable of handling hundreds of concurrent DNA sequence files for variance computations.


70% reduction in computation time achieved

Automated bio-informatics pipeline for computing genome variances reduced
the cycle time from 3 days to 1 day